Mega tech brands raise megabucks

Mega tech brands raise megabucks

The year 2011 was tumultuous for futures.Credit downgrade kept merchants nervous, but one arena held steady, even faring better than in the past years:Concepts.

On the same number of technology companies went public this year as last year.Big change is, they were able to raise more than $6 billion a whopping 85 percent increase over 2010.Dissimilar to all other industries, tech companies saw the biggest returns in the first week of trading, based on pricewaterhousecoopers.The leading name in the mix was, which went public in the fall of and raised $700 million.It was a splashy debut for the net discount company, but analyst sam hamadeh isn't confident.

"Should you want, pick the coupon, not the items, according to him. "Get the coupon, don't think of buying the,

Hamadeh might ceo of privco, which analyzes the fiscal data of companies across sectors.He says tech is well worth the cost because it makes valuable products with low labor costs.That's false for.

"Effectively is a local as well as couponing company.What that will require is a lot of local salespeople, according to him. "Life-Style labor intensive business,

Stock may be worth nearly 30 percent less now than its closing price on day 1.

The closing stock price on day 1 businesses that go public is typically higher than the initial offering price.Not although it priced its stock low.

"It's embarrassing to a purchase banks that took them public, hamdeh alleges. "It was a failure by any kind of measure,

But chris coles, a tutor at harvard business school, has distinctive take.He highlights how much raised in its ipo.

"A billion dollars is a fantastic level of investment, according to him.It had economic crisis day pop.Investors paid well above the price tag, and the stock is now worth 40 percent easily when it debuted in may.

On top, it cannot make sense.Untold numbers of folks on don't pay a dime.Why would speculators pay?Coles explains the company plan.

"That's where you are supposedly.That is where your contacts are.It may not be worth our time to join another, rolodex like replacement.And recruiters will certainly pay a lot of money for access to this fantastic user base, he admits that.

Think the company as a party host.The whites comes in for free.The other side however, the headhunter pays to penetrate.

Pricing tech

Zillow is among the particular companies to go public this year.The internet site lets people look up real estate prices, even through cellular phones.

Ceo spencer rascoff says that in immediate need Gold Fixed Beads of a strong network, you should inspire loyalty.

"It's all that more important in technology for services and products to tug at an emotional heartstring, according to him. "Another website is just a sigh.Another mobile app is just a look away,

The most likely tech ipo in 2012:Hub pages.

"The advantage with facebook is that it is impossible to leave, coles pronounces.

It's the very best of the 2011 companies, on given.Tech knowledge, strong circle, loyal subscribers.Some say it's worth $100 thousand.We'll be sure when it goes public.

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